FOBI's workshops are changing lives. But don't take our word for it. Here are some messages we've recieved from past attendees...



Hi Ricky, my names Max, I came to the ideas workshop last week. I'd just like to thank-you again for the session last week, it has really helped me in more ways than one. The techniques you taught us were absolute gold! I've come back to uni with a different mindset which I feel has given me an edge in the way I am approaching briefs and just in general conversations when talking about my work. I'm motivated and inspired to do more in my spare time outside of uni because of the way you explained and talked about things, It was exactly the thing I needed to make me realise this is 100% what I want to do and what I know I have inside me. I'm saying this because a lot of my work is computer based at uni, my briefs are open and I can only express my creativity to a certain amount as I am getting marked on my visuals, as a graphic designer does. I felt a bit like a bird in a cage for this first year of uni but after a day with you're session it made me realise what's been wanting to get out of me. Your session reminded me how free your mind needs to be to create the best ideas and that's something I am now striving towards. I have been limiting myself to the briefs we have been set at uni and I now realise I don't actually need them to produce good work, I can do it on my own as well, i've just got to be pro active about it. I'm pretty much just saying thank-you for opening my cage, it's let me see whats outside and it's got me exited. Thank you very much :) Hopefully we'll meet again. Thanks, Max.