Ricky Richards Represents

Ricky Richards Represents

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Website     Instagram     Facebook     Twitter  

Could you tell us your name and the name of your podcast?
Ricky Richards Represents

What is the premise of your show?
Conversations with the leading figures of creativity and innovation.

What type of person would love listening to your show?
Anyone who is in the creative or tech industry, or anyone who loves tactical insight that can help them achieve success in life and business.

What compelled you to start podcasting?
I love learning on the go so I listened to over 1000 hours of podcasts in one year. I thought, enough is enough, I need to make one for myself.

Where is the podcast based?
London, I record the show at Factory Studios just off Oxford Street in London.

Shot of Podcast Guest,  Beri Cheetham, at factory Studios in London

Shot of Podcast Guest,  Beri Cheetham, at factory Studios in London

Could you name your three favourite podcasts and explain why they are your favourites?

 1. The James Alturcher Show
James Alturcher is an entrepreneur who has got rich and lost his wealth several times. He’s extremely approachable and inquisitive. I like his modest interview style and he constantly tries to dig to get the actionable advice for his listeners.

 2. Revisionist History
Malcolm Gladwell has a great podcasting voice. The stories he tells are captivating and the insights even more so.

 3. Trailblazers by Walter Isaacson
He tells captivating stories of the rise and demise of certain businesses or sectors and I like it because he summarises the lessons learned because of these huge shifts in culture.

Could you share a single podcast episode that you love that isn’t your own and explain why?
I wont say I love the episode, but it certainly blew my mind when Sam Harris released a podcast titled, 'What do Jihadi’s really want'. It was a translated extract from a propaganda magazine and he digested it over the course of the episode. I remember thinking, where else would I find this kind of in depth insight about something I know nothing about other than podcasts. It really showed how powerful they can be. 

What is your favourite personal podcast episode to date?
Probably Interviewing Tim Lindsay, the CEO of D&AD. He’s just such a well spoken and intelligent guy.

What’s one notable insight you uncovered doing your podcast?
When I interviewed David Pugh Jones, the ex strategy director of Buzzfeed, he talked about how vertical video was an emerging trend and how effective the medium can be used. I’d never thought about using video in that way before so that was an eye opener.

I also like the quote from my interview with Photographer Edmund Fraser. He said something along the lines of … ‘As a white English man, you have very little to ad culturally.’ I think he’s probably right.

What book or learning resource would you recommend to people?
I’m a big fan of Stoicism so I would probably encourage people to download Seneca on Audible.

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt along the way that has made your podcast better?
It sounds simple but putting a Schedule online really helped when booking guests. It meant they could see the other great people I was getting on the show and it also showed that there was an expectation for them to turn up at a particular time. Before that I would move around to record guests and it was costly and not nearly as good production value.

Me using my Procaster Microphone

What equipment would you recommend people use to get started in podcasting?
I used an Audio Technica AT2020. It was ideal for on the go and then I upgraded to a Rode Procaster with a Zoom handy recorder. That took the portable production value up 10 fold.

What tools or tips do you have to make the process of podcasting easier?
I started out just having a list of questions for my guests but as I’ve gotten more confident I now try and weave natural transitions into my lists of questions and I also allow myself to go on tangents so that it doesn’t feel so forced.

Can you share what techniques use to grow the listenership of your show?
At the moment I just ask my guests to share the interviews with their respective audiences. However, I am looking into partnerships for distribution and I’m building Poding Along as a way to learn and immerse myself in the community. I also use video files on Instagram to raise awareness. It doesn't get many click throughs but I still think people seeing the brand is valuable.

If you could interview anyone, who would you interview and why? (If not an interview show) What would be a dream podcast episode for you?
Jacque Fresco – The founder of the Venus project is a bit of a hero of mine. He’s 101 years old and he’s just so wise and an incredible designer. I think his life’s work is spectacular and he doesn’t get enough traction for his ideas. 

How do you currently monetise your podcast if you do at all?
I include affiliate links to any recommendations but to date, I’ve been linking recommendations to affiliate links and I’ve still never received a single check. It’s very much a passion pursuit but I would like to grow the audience so that sponsorship becomes viable. I’m also on the Acast network which serves up ads automatically. I haven’t got a big enough audience for that to pay yet but I like the Acast player because it allows e to embed interactive links into the audio player.

Favourite Quote & Why
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. - Seneca

I like this quote because I’ve realised that success doesn’t come to everyone, despite how hard they work. All you can do is best prepare yourself and keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

Where is the best place for people to reach you?
People can email me at hello@rickyrichards.com or visit my site rickyrichards.com


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