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Could you tell us your name and the name of your podcast?
My name is Jake Barton and the podcast is called Historium.

What is the premise of your show?
Historium explores little stories from history that are obscure, strange, uplifting, interesting, or all the above in a format that contains a healthy blend of narrative and detail that brings the past to life; all set to beautiful background music.

What type of person would love listening to your show?
History buffs or anyone who loves a good true story.

What compelled you to start podcasting?
I’ve always been a history buff and decided there were far too many little stories from history that hadn’t been told.f.

Where is the podcast based?
Not really location based, but I live in Richmond, Kentucky.

Could you name your three favourite podcasts and explain why they are your favourites?

1. Radio Lab
A long running podcast that explores a wide variety of topics, that range from the philosophical and esoteric, to the everyday and seemingly mundane.

2. Revisionist History
A podcast that looks into historical events or ideas that we think we know, and then deconstructs them in so that we may see a different picture.

3. 99% Invisible
Another podcast about curiosity that takes a deep look at design of the things we see everyday, but sometimes don’t notice.

Could you share a single podcast episode that you love that isn’t your own and explain why? Emergence by Radiolab.

This episode, the host examine how huge structures or groups form a cohesive whole. It makes you think of “systems” in a whole new way.

What is your favourite personal podcast episode to date?
Episode #15: Almost Home has got to be my personal favourite. It’s about the Columbia disaster and the tragedy of the whole ordeal. Hearing the crew talk and joke as they were re-entering Earth’s orbit - in those final moments - never ceases to break my heart.

What’s one notable insight you uncovered doing your podcast?
That there is so much to history, and that I’m glad I’ve picked a field that will never run out of topics for me to explore.

What book or learning resource would you recommend to people?
Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. - The books digs into what makes great people tick and how we can emulate their routines and tricks of their trades.

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt along the way that has made your podcast better?
ALWAYS have someone your close to listen to the full episode before you upload it. There are little things that you may miss.

What advice do you have for new Podcasters?
Pick a topic that is unique or niche. It’s really hard for a podcast that’s just you and your friend talking about random subjects to catch on. You’ll need to find a corner of the podcast field that is lacking or you think is underutilized before you jump in.

What tools or tips do you have to make the process of podcasting easier?
Ask other podcasters for advice. Most are more than willing to give their two cents; and those two cents add up!

Can you share what techniques use to grow the listenership of your show?
My podcast really started taking off when I began utilizing every social media platform. Facebook and Twitter, obviously. But the platform that has helped my show the most is actually Instagram. I post historical photos every day and have gained a good following there.

What would be a dream podcast episode for you?
A dream episode for me to do for Historium would be looking into why humans couldn’t see the color blue ten thousand years ago. Crazy, right?

How do you currently monetise your podcast if you do at all?
Very recently, I created a Patreon. Once the show grows a bit larger, I plan to do a big campaign with all sorts of rewards to get some more patrons , but as of now a loyal few support me there.

Favourite Quote & Why
“Ernest Hemingway once wrote, ‘The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.’ I agree with the second part.” – Se7en

Where is the best place for people to reach you?
Honestly, Facebook messenger would be optimal.


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